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Boards exercise their role at board meetings; It goes without saying that managing the process leading to during and after every Board meeting is critical for the effectiveness on the Board and individual Board members.Transform your Business through effective and productive board meetings. Focus on issues that matter

mmuguisa_tick  Do you want to avoid group think? And produce frank discussions to your team and board members?

mmuguisa_tick  Do your Board meetings drag on and on and end without clear decisions and out comes?

mmuguisa_tick  Are your Board meeting Agendas a long list of items that rarely address what is critical?

mmuguisa_tick  Are your meetings high jacked by the HIPPO-“Highest paid person’s opinion” or by the HIRPO- “Highest Ranked person’s opinion” in which case they merely rabber stamp?

mmuguisa_tick  Do you have a standard and easy to follow Board paper formats to ease decision making?

mmuguisa_tick  Do you lose some of your Board members to sleep during your communication? and are board decisions properly tracked and followed

mmuguisa_tick  Do you spend a lot of the Board time discussing about the past instead of the future of the business?

mmuguisa_tick  Do you want to bring energy and excitement in your Board meetings, empower Board members to own decision and hold management accountable for results and see insight transformation?

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Avoid creating conflict and confusion in the Boardroom.

Learn the skills that matter 

Become a Board Secretary that empowers. Take and share Board minutes in time.

Create a memorable legacy 

 Learn your mark as a Board Member. Add value to your Board. 

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Transform your board business. Leave your mark on the Boards you serve.


What’s My Investment?

How much is unbriefed board members costing you? How many Board members are asking same benefits like staff, micromanaging your organisation and threatening your job? How inconveniencing are Board meetings? How much time do you spend preparing for board meetings? Can new board members add value to your strategy execution? A lack of clarity of Board roles may already be costing you a great deal. Contact us for on-going board induction, strategy formulation facilitation or one-on-one coaching. Become a transformational leader in action.

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