Supply Chain: How can I optimise the costs on delivering products to my desired locations countrywide

Most budget assistants and executives are assigned the duty of minimising costs while delivering desirable wants to their consumers. They spend sleepless nights trying to build sustainable budgets for their companies for they are charged with any extra cost incurred due to poor planning. Some companies have even employed more professionals in that area to […]

Improve your employee productivity, make impressive reports and save money with #summitBeyondExcel

How much money is poor use of MS Excel and other office tools like PPT costing you in terms of time wastage, poor reporting and lack of insights about your clients and creditors? The beyond excel training by Summit Consulting will empower your team to improve productivity; in using Excel. As a bonus, will help […]

How to effectively manage your loan portfolio to avoid bankruptcy, ensure effectiveness and sustain cash flows.

Most firm today are finding it hard to sustain operational costs and these have consequently led to falling of businesses, changes in management and scrutiny of prominent individuals. What these people do is go to the bank for a loan or issue securities to acquire quick cash at a discount rate to the buyers of […]