How do you document policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures are tools put in place by management and approved by the board to make sure there is a consistent way of doing things.

The biggest challenge we have seen in many organizations is the tendency to over control. They make policies and procedures for things which are even not necessary and at the end spend too much money and get less value.

In addition, many organizations don’t have a standard way of writing their policies and procedures, this means that communicating certain policies, becomes very difficult and also reading to understand it becomes very difficult.

Watch video explanation on Policies and procedures below

Below is a sample policy for your review and guidance.

The key sections for the policy are:

Purpose & SCOPE

Why the policy? What is it about? And who is covered [scope] under the policy?

1.1. Policy definition

What are the do’s and don’ts of the policy?

1.2. Authorization

Who has authorized or approved the policy? If by the Board, indicate “By order of the Board” since all board members may not sign, but the CEO may sign on their behalf. If there is no board, sign “Authorized by the CEO.” It is always good idea also to indicate a meeting minute when the policy was approved.

1.3. Responsibilities

What are responsible for the policy implementation? It is of no use to have a policy that fails to be executed.

1.4. Procedures

Explain the procedures to follow to comply with the policy

1.5. Effective Date

State the date the policy starts to be implemented.

Download the Policies and procedure template here

Do contact us for any additional information. Use the attached template to make policies and procedures in respect to each of the issues that needs a policy. Make sure that you make policies that are in response to a critical challenge.

To avoid having so many policies – You should also consider introducing what we call an Instruction Circular. An urgent instrument from the CEO providing clear do’s and don’ts over an urgent issue. Make sure that every Instruction Circular must be dated, numbered in a serial and signed. All these must be filed in the Instruction Circulars file. The Instruction Circular to a private company are like Standing Orders to a public office.

Remember all policies and procedures are approved by the Board of Directors. However, in absence of the Board, the Top Most Decision-making body must approve and sign-off for implementation.



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