Don’t be left behind in the edge of Ad-hoc Business Intelligence

How long does it take your department to produce a comprehensive report _weeks, months, years?

Are you having sleepless nights trying to ensure financial performance for your entity is desirable?

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you perform effective cash management, track expenses, assets and profits in a snapshot on your desk?

We are here to downsize the amount of downtime you spend on producing reports by more than 89.5% through automating your financial statement reports and analysis, trial balancing, loan tracking and giving you an ad-hoc analytics tool  with real-time capabilities that leverages the power of the tools you already have on your desk___ MS Excel.

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS TOO? Use data driven methods for your loan management

Automatically generate a report every hour, day, week or month on performance for your department, loans and other assets, and track essential key performance indicators in a matter of seconds with just a click with topnotch corporate dashboards leveraging the power of Summit Business Intelligence in Microsoft Excel.

Our solutions stem across departments from EXCO to the different managers and other professionals in the bank empowering you with self-service 360-degree analytics of your bank.

About Our Solution: How the summitAudit solution saved a revenue generating company over 135.7m Ugx

We look forward to reducing your downtime for producing reports by more than 89.5%, increase your top-line by more than 63%, and consequently reinforce your bottom-line through quickly identifying bottlenecks in your operations. Join the vast majority of companies across the region that have embraced Business Intelligence to improve their business.

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