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Your Online Activity

Your on-line activity: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

One of the most common and successful ways for malicious actors to take hold of your sensitive information is through phishing attacks.


Your key 1 to a worry free life

To live a worry free life, you must master and apply the five Fs to happiness and proper mindset.


Examining role of IA

Internal Auditors must acquire new skills if they are to remain competitive and relevant to their stakeholders..Read More


The role of the board in risk management

If you are a SACCO member or executive, this is a must read presentation. It covers all the insights you need to grow your SACCO.


DTB FraudAwarenessWeek Presentation By Mustapha Mugisa CFE

Are you a business leader or MBA students interested in strategy?


Challenges of implementing cyber laws in Uganda

A presentation on “Challenges of implementing cyber laws in Uganda”, at the  CLE seminar.

mmugisa_Accounting crime and fraud challenges

Accounting crime and fraud challenges

Research by ACFE contained in the 2017 Report to The Nations  states that an average organisation loses about 5% of her annual revenue to fraud.


UMI International Conference Paper Cybercrime & forensics

Learn the extent of cybercrime in Uganda from the eyes of an expert.


MBA Strategy Exam Detailed Answer Marking

Marking guide for the Strategy Management final Exam March 2011


4as Of Exceptional Leadership

If you want to build great teams, embrace change and become a leader whom others want to follow


Economic crime & forensic auditing
are you prepared?

Are you a business leader or MBA students interested in strategy? Here is the unclassified MBA strategy questions for your revision.


Board policy formulation template

Use the attached template to make policies and procedures in respect to each of the issues that needs a policy.