How effective is your strategy execution?

Are you a CEO or manager? Do you sometimes find you have a lot on your table and no time to hold your top managers and staff accountable for strategy execution?

The measure of a great strategy is in the ease in its implementation. Yet many companies continue to plan and at the end of the day, they find a huge gap between what was planned and the actual implementation, see Graph 1. As a Chief Executive Officer or Business Owner, how do you ensure effective implementation of your strategy and work plan to eliminate gaps?

Things rarely go as planned.

However, the point or date you anticipate the execution gap and proactively address the causes is what makes strategy execution effective.

For effective strategy execution, you need to undertake strategy execution support services by an independent party so that you do not in-hale your own exhaust. The following is an approach which Summit Consulting Strategy Execution Services offers:

  1. Monthly meetings with managers (on a rotational basis) and their respective teams on a monthly basis to ensure the key activities specified in their Work Plan are achieved. A standard Agenda for these meetings shall be agreed and shared, including the standard reporting template for each manager to ensure swift strategy monitoring. All these tools shall be provided by the strategy consultant and approved by the Managing Director – to ensure managers provide all information required to make decisions.
  2.  Bi-monthly meeting with all top management team (TMT) to provide updates, review challenges and lessons and way forward, with the ultimate objective of ensuring that strategy execution is on-track for all Directors across the board and impediments are identified and fixed instantly. The Bi-monthly meetings shall be with all TMT members, and shall feature Q&A to ensure any challenges are proactively identified and addressed
  3. Provide a bi-annual leadership talk to a select staff (may be rotational i.e. to different staff) of 5-10 people on #WinningMindset® leadership to ensure skills transfer and on-job key staff coaching – to enable execution of the new strategy. The talk shall be on any preferred topic. This talk is not mandatory. It is intended to share behaviors of performers.
  4. Offer weekly #WinningMindset® leadership insights newsletter via email on effective strategy execution, leadership, and other relevant areas considered critical to promote strategy execution across board.
  5. Offer unlimited access by the CEO and any top three staff to consult with Summit Consulting strategy execution experts, on key new developments and advise to improve decision making.

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