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Jul 18 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



#summitSTRATEGIC FOCUS Masterclass 2019

Are you a middle and top management leader in your organisation? Do you want to transform your business today? Transform your thinking and change your team by attending this #summitSTRATEGIC FOCUS masterclass for leaders and middle managers.

Learn a more human approach to strategy and take innovation to a whole new level. You will learn the tools to craft an organic strategy that is easy to execute and deliver outstanding results that deliver sustainable growth.

The #summitSTRATEGIC FOCUS Masterclass provides tools to help you diagnose your external and internal business arenas and formulate strategic approaches to solve current and future business challenges.

As an executive taking on leadership responsibilities, you will how to learn how to think more strategically and develop an effective strategy.

#summitSTRATEGIC Focus gives you tools to undertake a thorough strategic diagnosis. You analyze capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and identify capability and resource gaps in your own business context that could impact your strategy’s implementation.

By developing your ability to judge risk and value-creating potential, you will think more clearly about future challenges, developing new models and innovating to improve performance.

You’ll walk away with a strategic roadmap and action plan which directs your business toward growth opportunities.

Your learning outcomes

  1. Make a habit of thinking strategically
  2. Evaluate how internal and external forces might affect your strategic moves
  3. Identify opportunities to improve your top and bottom line
  4. Design a strategic roadmap and 60-day action plan for your business

What you will get:

Frameworks, case studies and resources that demystify strategy and help you begin your journey towards creative leadership that leave a legacy.

What you will study?

Session 1:
Challenge Your Thinking

You’ll get an overview of the course, what to expect and what you need to get ready. I will share with you about why traditional strategic planning process – that starts with a vision, mission and goals – is not ideal in this era which experts call as VUCA – volatile, uncertainty, complex and ambiguous world.

What you will learn

  1. Learn the top 5 blind spots in the conventional planning process.
  2. Reset your strategic thinking from systems to platforms.

Session 2:

What Strategy is and is not?

Learn the key terms – strategy, analysis, choice and what makes a good strategy. Know what a business plan is, tactics, workplan, budget, financing plan and execution plan.

What you will learn

  1. The difference between a good strategy and bad strategy
  2. How to define your strategy clearly
  3. An example of a good strategy.
  4. A case study of a company that has demonstrated a good strategy and continues to win with it.

Session 3

Strategy in Action

Understand what makes a good strategy overview. Know the five questions that must be answered to craft a winning strategy.

I will take you through the #WinningTheGame strategy approach and apply it to your industry.

Thereafter, you will learn the four (4) processes of strategic planning – the P.C.S. C model. Understand the perspectives, context, strategy and change in respect to your unique organisation.

What you will learn

  1. The strategic canvas – five questions that define strategy
  2. Understanding perspective – define the key change drivers in your industry and examine strategic imperatives to counter them.
  3. Complete the first strategic planning process – perspectives tool 1 in respect to your key competitor so that you know their competitive landscape.
  4. Understand what is strategic thinking

Sessions 4 – 8:

Craft an organic

Developing winning strategy that is organic, a case study

Using your organisation (for an in-house training program) or an organisation of choice by the class (for a general training with students from diverse companies), you will learn a step by step process of crafting an organic strategy that delivers results.

By strategy, we focus on what resources and capabilities to develop on one hand, and what growth opportunities to pursue on the other hand; amid dynamic and challenging times.   The challenge of strategic thinking is tricky exercise and is one of the key differentiators between good leaders and great leaders.

Good leaders mobilize and move their people. Great leaders move them in the right direction. In te right strategic growth area.

As a manager or leader, #strategicFOCUS masterclass is your ticket to the top table. Where decisions about what to do and what not to do are made. This session will give you the skills you need to transform not only your organisation, but your career.

What you will learn?

  1. Context analysis and implication to your new strategy formulation
  2. Using the balanced scorecard tool to review your ‘current’ strategy
  3. The stakeholder analysis and what winning means to them. Mapping the stakeholder ‘winning’ to the scorecard
  4. Analysis of your competition using the competition profiling tool
  5. Analysis of growth opportunities in your industry to tap into them using great innovation, great marketing, great talent and processes within a culture of high performance.
  6. How to make strategic choices? Make a choice for your organisation. No company has capabilities to take every opportunity that arises. How do you think strategically to develop right capabilities so that you tap into future opportunities when they arise? You will learn how to do this.
  7. Crafting different strategic possibilities for growth
  8. Analysis of the risks to the strategic possibilities
  9. Selecting the right strategic possibility
  10. Involving the Board in strategic planning
  11. Your organisation strategy on 1 page
  12. Background to your organisation strategy documentation (20-50 pages document) wit lots of insightful analysis
  13. Sessions 9-10

Strategy execution foundation

Of what importance is a good organic strategy if it fails at execution.

Over the last 11 years, I have spent a lot of time engaging with board members, executive committee members and politicians as their strategist in crafting executing a winning strategy.

For a politician, a winning strategy is one that gets them elected into their preferred office. For a business, you need a strategy to create value through growth, social impact investments and economic transformation of stakeholders and employees in a sustainable manner.

How do you execute a great strategy?

  1. Learn how to develop the right capabilities, systems and a culture of high performance
  2. Align the strategy to structure for execution efficiencies, skills alignment to strategic imperatives and gain unrivalled team synergies that makes the difference between a good leader and great leader as defined above
  3. Align the workplan / strategy action plan (SAP) or business plan to the scorecard and strategic focus areas for start realizing results instantly
  4. Make a capex and opex budgets that execute the strategy instead of suffocating the initiatives
  5. Create a strong accountability among staff, reduce productivity leakages by staff and account for every employee on the payroll with clear workplan/ PKI to scorecard to strategic performance areas and focus areas alignment
  6. Know more about actionTEAM GRC for effective on-going live strategy execution monitoring

You will get the following:

  1. #strategicFOCUS work book full of editable tools and templates
  2. Strategy planning slide-deck to facilitate your own learning
  3. Free e-books on strategy

Recommended reading to give you a strategic focus mindset before attending the course.

If you don’t have time, comment below and I will send to your inbox brief summaries of the books so that you have strong understanding of the basics on strategic thinking

  • The Blue Ocean Strategy
  • The Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter
  • Who Moved My Cheese – teaches about the need for change
  • The Art of War, teaches about planning ahead
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