At summitFORENSICS we provide a wide range of digital forensic services. Do you want to know the truth and clear your conscience? summitFORENSICS team leaves no stone unturned. We work with the client, until all facts are put on the table. 

summitFORENSICS has been at the front lines of computer forensic analysis and litigation support since 2008. We have been involved in many digital forensics cases than any other firm in Uganda.

We offer a wide range of forensic services covering all digital devices ,a state-of-the-art training and forensic examination lab, as well as a strong team of independent experts and network of responders, allowing us to perform forensic analysis for virtually any matter, in any environment.

Our ability to understand and help mold legal strategies involving ESI (Electronically Stored Information) is unmatched. From criminal cases, civil litigation and patent infringement, to intellectual property theft, in an office, on a disaster site, or the cyber battlefield, summitFORENSICS is a recognized industry leader.
Our summitFORENSICS offering includes summitINVESTIGATOR; summitANTI-FRAUD; summitPOLICIES and summitCERTIFY:

Our work is all about finding answers. Who did what, where, when and how? Typical questions that can be answered by a computer and mobile phone forensics and drive analysis might be: be answered by a computer and mobile phone forensics and drive analysis might be:

• What did the user do on the computer, at what time on what date?
• Who has accessed what information, and when?
• Can evidence be recovered off a deliberately damaged system?
• Did the vendor leave a backdoor in the software for their later login to commit fraud or whatever the motive?
• What actually happened? Was there any financial loss involved?
• Can we recover data and preserve it for court purposes?
• Were company policies broken?
• Was proprietary information stolen, and by whom?
• Can specific deleted files be recovered?
• Was sensitive information sent to outside parties?
• Was a document forged, and can its revision and printing history be accessed?
• The system is encrypted – can you break in?

What We Can Recover

• Emails, deleted emails
• Internet use information
• Erased files
• Deleted pictures and movies
• Access and usage information
• Temporary files
• Logs


If there is evidence on the drive or computer, TURN IT OFF

• When a user creates a file on a computer, the operating system writes that data to a physical location on the drive. The operating system then records the file’s name, location and size in what is basically a table of contents – so the operating system “knows” where that file is. When a file is deleted or erased, the file’s name is removed from the “table of contents,” but the file’s data isn’t touched and will remain intact until it is overwritten by other data. summitFORENSICS’ forensic analysts can find that seemingly “lost” data, but the device must be turned off and we need it in house as soon as possible.
• Computers and drives are often protected by passwords and encryption. Depending on the type of security, extracting information on the drive can get difficult.
• Mechanically or electrically damaged drives might need repairs in order to access data stored on them.
• There are legal implications regarding drive ownership and forensic analysis. Please call Summit Consulting Ltd if you have questions in this area.

Research indicates that over 150 trillion emails are sent a year, making it a crucial evidentiary component in nearly every case litigated today. Deleted emails can often be recovered, even if intentionally erased, and metadata, such as email addresses, time stamps, etc., can all be very useful in an investigation as well. Email clients and servers are often full database applications, complete with document repositories, contact managers, time managers, calendars and many other features, all of which might be accessed forensically. When emails are sent or received, in addition to the message, there is a host of additional data created, such as sender and recipient addresses, timestamps, server paths, etc. This email meta data can be very valuable. Meta data can also be saved to servers and can be recovered, in some cases without the actual email.

Collected emails and other communications can yield documentation that can be correlated by date, subject, recipient or sender, and yield a highly understandable and easy to follow map of events, movements and entities. Global Digital Forensics has the ability to correlate large amounts of data into understandable and easy to follow presentations, using specialized tools to link entities, dates, times and events, while maintaining the highest standards of forensic integrity.

SCLcan provide expert witnesses in a wide range of civil and criminal legal proceedings. All you need is to call us up and have our expert as one of your team members. You will be surprised with what an expert can do on your cases. Remember there is no substitute for expertise, when it comes to court matters. And whoever knows a lot about precedence, the law, the facts, the parties and the judge/ judge past decisions on similar matters has high chances of tilting the case. And it could be the 1% you need to win the case. Our experts will surely add this key insight you need to gain courtroom or transaction advantage.[/expand]