General Overview of EC-Council CEH Certification

For many people, hacking could be interpreted as a term that brings up frustration images and fear as well. Hackers have become more assumptive, they endanger both large and small companies and the whole agencies of government inclusive. Their attacks have finally become more advanced and tougher to discover and defeat.

In order to defeat any hacker, it is highly imperative for one to have an ability to think exactly like this malicious criminal and this is exactly part of the reasons where the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification comes in. A certified ethical hacker is a professional who knows and understands how to detect challenges and exposures in the target system and apply that particular tools and skills as a malicious hacker but in a legal and legitimate way to evaluate the security position of a system. The CEH certification holders should be able to scan and identify vulnerabilities, perform steganalysis, cover tracks and system hacking, define and use computer worms and viruses to exploit systems, and fulfill vulnerability analysis to recognize security loopholes in the target network.

The CEH certificate and its respective exam help to certify candidates in the particular network security discipline of ethical hacking from natural perspective of vendor. The EC-Council 312-50 certification examination is very compulsory for all penetration testers because the benefits are more than just pen-testing into daily network and use of security.

EC-Council CEH Certification: Target Audience

The CEH certification is intended for:

  1. Information Security Specialists and Security Officers in information security that requires more knowledge about the approach and methods used by those attempting to hack networks or systems.
  2. Individuals who have been dreaming of how to build an ethical hacking as a profession.
  3. Candidates who want to have additional value to their resume in order to become Auditors, Site Administrators, Management and Contractor’s Security Specialists.

Summit Consulting Limited is the Authorized Training Center for EC-council courses in Uganda and conducts training through its training arm ‘The Institute of Forensics and ICT Security’.

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