Go #BeyondExcel with Our Productivity Package

Is your finance team spending more time than you are comfortable with accomplishing Microsoft Excel tasks? Are you looking to increase the productivity of your team by more than 90%? Do you only use your Microsoft Excel application for simple spreadsheet jobs and are planning to get more advanced tasks accomplished in the shortest time possible?

#BeyondExcel productivity package will equip your teams with the skills to deploy advanced features of Microsoft Excel in your company’s core practices. You will move from 50 to 1000 in a space of a week, which skills can be kept for a lifetime. Ensure you do not miss this once in a lifetime offer that will give you competitive edge in your industry. With over 80% of the firms worldwide using this powerful application and only about 30% using its advanced features, your team will leave the competition envious.

What you will learn:

  1. Build dynamic solutions like cash tracking systems, payroll systems, billing systems, depreciation schedules, automated aging applications etc.

  1. Work with hundreds of millions of real-time data from your core systems like SQL server, Oracle, Sage, QuickBooks, Ms Access and leverage from hidden patterns in big data.

  1. Minimise errors of data entry and tailor user-friendly solutions for instance building a dynamic fully integrated risk register.
  2. Automatically show red flags in a given pattern of data and expose bottlenecks in your financials, aging reports, billing systems etc.
  1. Build robust loan amortization schedules, and the benefits of paying extra principal.

  1. Audit and debug your worksheets to unearth bottlenecks, errors, prevent double counting and bypass hidden errors.
  2. Make smart investments. Estimate the borrowing capacity of your company, individuals or potential borrowers and assess the benefits or insufficiencies of investing in a given security/asset and/or issuing a bond to effect cash flows.
  3. Stress test your budget, interest rates, taxable income and perform sensitivity analysis on your company’s financials that will mitigate risk of uncertainty in your company.
  4. Perform scenario analysis with robust functions and arrays and utilise currency manipulation functions to meet accounting demands of your country’s financial system.
  5. Import, clean and transform data from your core systems to derive significant insights that will drive your top-line, push you ahead of your competition and improve productivity in your business.
  6. Reconcile your cheques and detect fraudulent activity, money laundering and terrorist financing that might be hidden within transactions using Microsoft Excel’s power features.

  1. Build compelling dashboards based on dynamic financial models and other solutions that automatically update whenever your new information is added to your core.
  2. Design an eco-system of linked worksheets and workbooks that work together to achieve a desirable target.

  1. Forecast your financials with variance and trend-line analysis to know where your firm is going, what to improve and which product/service to drop from your inventory. 
  1. Build customised applications for your organisation that increase productivity and ease manipulation of monotonous duties.
  2. Design a configurable model to develop an advanced presentation kit to give your executives different perspectives of a given grid of financial positions to ensure all cases are covered in planning.


  1. Design systems that solve complex capital budgeting situations, staff scheduling problems and supply chain solutions that ensure optimal use of available resources.


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