IT Security Awareness and Data Privacy & Protection Act 2019

What is the DPPA 2019?

Do you know the Data Privacy and Protection Act 2019 of Uganda? This is a new and Act that directly affects you.

Compliance risks affects you directly. To avoid possible penalties and unnecessary legal suits, take time and read this email to the end. But first, how much do you know about the new act?

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Have you ever been a victim of any Cyber-attack? It is no longer a matter of whether you will be attacked but WHEN you will be attacked.

In year 2018, it was reported that a local manufacturing company lost over US$ 102,000 in an email phishing scheme. A finance staff received and acted upon email instructions that appeared to come from the chief executive officer instructing the staff to wire money to an account that appeared like that of the known supplier. However, the account and name had a slight change which the staff did not notice until money had been wired. Such schemes are on the rise and the problem is people get to know after the fact.

To this end, Summit Consulting Ltd, in partnership with the Institute of Forensics & ICT Security

brings you a take home package of IT Security Awareness on how to mitigate the various encounters that are as a result of breaches and how to protect yourself from a number of attacking schemes that may be set to exploit vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems and that are against personal data privacy and protection.  With IT security, there is nothing like one is over secured. You need confidence that your critical resource– core banking server, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and other critical servers like mobile and internet banking servers, email servers and ATM servers and CCTV servers, to mention but a few are safe and sound from risks of attacks from phishers, manipulation, unauthorized modification and data leakages or deletion.

Take a Survey to help your organizations mitigate IT Security threats in their line of  business for greater business achievement and client loyalty winning continuity.

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