Man vs machine; how technology will undermine most existing business models

In the recent times, we have seen many disruptions. We are threatened in terms of our jobs. There is a war between man vs machine, man vs Internet of things, man vs artificial intelligence. Initially, the first war was man vs computer. People fought computers. However, you can’t fight with the future reality and win. Reality always prevails. People have now come to realize that if you are going to be competitive in this century, you must embrace technology.

The computer has thus far been embraced in its traditional form of being used as a word processing tool. But its role and application is becoming sophisticated.We are now talking about the era of smart devices, driver less cars, web 2.0, and internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. A car is able to move on the road and detect humps and obstacles.

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of work. Because of the data collected about the environment, the computer will predict what you need and deliver that. For example, if you come back at home tired, the computer will predict you need to remove shoes. That’s what you have always done when you got home.  Artificial intelligence will be able to go ahead of the human thinking to deliver things you would need. How do you survive this era?

This is why you must invest in intellectual firepower.

Much as technology is disruptive, it will not make decisions the way a human being makes decisions. Technology will support humans to make better decisions but making the decision itself, maybe very difficult. Technology may not be able to know that when a person is driving and in a cardiac arrest, what can he do and when. It takes a lot of computations and predictions to guess this kind of moments which come suddenly. That’s where the human thinking comes in. If it is not programmed, the chances of doing such tasks becomes very difficult.  For you to beat the machine, you must be advanced and intellectually curious. You must be good at ‘reading the room’ and taking action faster.



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