Why you need a ‘strategic website’ NOT just any other site?

How do you manage online growth? Plan for the future? Stay competitive? You need advice that understands your needs.

Having a robust website is critical to your firm’s increased recognition, brand presence and credibility to your potential and current customers, partners and stake holders. However an outdated or less interactive website is as good as no website. You must keep it up to date, interactive and user friendly, as well as provide great provocative content to be a reference point of insights on topical issues in the region.

Many companies have websites but not all websites are profitable. You need a website designed with a business mind.  You need improve your ad copy and information before you post it on your site. Your website must communicate right information to your prospects and customers. You need a strategic tool, not a mere website, to deliver the following:

  1. Increased visibility – when you travel, the first thing your prospects do is to search your name or that of your organisation in Google. What kind of website do they find? Is it a template with outdated links or it is up to date? This will speak volumes about your professionalism.
  2. High engagement and marketing impact – with the high internet penetration, having a website that is functional and up to date is key for your interaction with stakeholders and prospects
  3. Lower costs of marketing – functional website helps cut marketing costs – you don’t have to print brochures unnecessarily, as the client can find them on line!
  4. You need a site optimized for social networks, user registration of your events, and membership management. Taken together, these functionalities are critical for the on-going member engagement and feedback – which are critical for the success of the company in the near future

Therefore, whatever your business, whatever your ambition, you need experts with whom you can establish clear KPIs and metrics to help measure the return of your website investment and build your website against your strategy and mandate to increase relevancy.

That is where we come. We are trusted experts and advisor in e-solutions through website design and maintenance, IT advisory and training. We have a solution tailored just for you at the most affordable negotiable price depending on the features you want on your website.

For your business success, contact us today.  We are Summit Consulting Ltd. We improve the client’s condition!

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