Why your NFPO needs to create a blue ocean?

What is your blue ocean? If you don’t have a blue ocean, you are probably fishing in contaminated waters.

The NGO sector in Uganda is very competitive. NGO’s must urgently rebrand and embrace a digital agenda to tap into new stakeholders and retain existing ones. That is what a blue ocean is all about; thinking beyond the present.

The digital story.

For a third year in a row, BRAC (Formerly the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), the largest NGO, continues to be the leading NGO in the world, according to NGO Advisor. To gain this spot, BRAC leadership asked; “How can we transform community service work, when we rely on donor funds?”

The answer was simple: Become a pragmatic, adaptive, and very responsive to stakeholder needs. Top on the agenda was leveraging online and social media to rally stakeholders to work as a team. They focused on [over] communicating BRAC milestones and impact aggressively.

The result is a strong organisation with several income generating projects globally. What digital journey are you starting today?

An NGO of the future is a ‘platform’ NGO

An NGO of the future is a ‘platform’ NGO. To win on stakeholder engagement, BRAC decided to adopt a model of an NGO as a platform NOT software.

A platform (B) empowers the stakeholders to do self-help services as well as make money whereas a software (A) offers only core services where beneficiaries have to depend on handouts. For example, UBER, AMAZON etc are platforms.

To succeed, you must adopt a digital strategy with stakeholder engagement at the centre. In the short term, creating a strong online presence through an interactive website, social media presence, a newsletter to key partners and community advisory is urgent. An investment into a platform is critical for unprecedented future success. For example, to catch up with reducing donor financing, BRAC has diversified income sources and owns a bank!

Don’t allow your website visitors to leave without collecting email and phone from them for follow-up. Transform your business with on-line marketing for a new era.

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