Have you noticed frequent shortages in your cash register?

Millions of shillings have been spent on architecture to protect companies from fraudulent activity but very few of these companies have leveraged from the software’s capabilities. This has been due to the skills gap.

A company spends atleast US$10,000 (Ugx. 38.8m) in purchasing, implementation and training of its workforce to use these new technologies. Although most of them (the software platforms) will not be mentioned here, their learning curve continues to baffle the employers who continue to spend annually on trainings that are not efficient.

Yet these technologies are tailored to do specific tasks, giving executives no other option than to buy other software to cover other tasks. You spend double double. This is not sustainable.

Forget employee theft, these software firms are literally robbing desperate executives of their monies. Spending US$10,000 annually on maintenance, training and implementation is not a sustainable way of tracking down employee theft that is on average less than US$5,000 in most firms. In other words, you are spending US$10,000 to crackdown employees who are either stealing or mishandling just about US$5,000.

Is there a software that can help you crackdown on these tendencies, has a swift learning curve and is already at the fingertips of your organisations’ staff?

Goodnews! Microsoft Excel has the capabilities of answering 90 percent of those questions if your work force has the adequate skills. Moreover, it is not tailored to only handle specific tasks and can be optimised to accomplish other substantial tasks.

With over 100% of companies having Microsoft Office installed on their machines, you do not have to fork out a lot of cash on off shelf softwares that rob you of your monies.

Ms Excel has the tools to do thorough analysis that can save your topline by detecting anomalies in cash registry reports, giving significant forecasts and predictions on areas that might be lacking and exposing those that are not willing to help your firm grow in both the short and long run.

Enough with employee and vendor theft in your organisation. Let’s save your money and time. Come for #beyondEXCEL Productivity Package training and empower your executives and employees with techniques in regression analysis that will unearth anomalies in cash registers, financials, and other areas that affect the top line. Go #beyondEXCEL.

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