Petrol Station Analytics: Revenue Collection Dilemma

Are you having issues with cash collected at your branch? Is there frequent issue of revenue shortages from your planned targets? Are you having suspicions of employee theft from the staff scheduled at the filling points of your fuel station?

These and more questions continue to perturb executives working for fuel companies like Shell, Total, Mogas, Oryx, to mention but a few. They spend countless hours trying to solve these complex situations so that their branches attain the best possible report in comparison to others. Aren’t you tired of your branch turning up amongst the worst contributors? Are you looking to fish out that employee who either doesn’t know how to handle cash or continues to steal from your collections?  How best can you schedule staff so that you maximise efficiency while minimising costs? At what time is your fuel station busy so that you can assign enough staff without over populating the fuel station?

To solve these concerns, these companies have employed expensive consultants and financial analysts to help them unearth these bottlenecks. This however has had its many shortfalls like an increased stress on bottom-line to remunerate these professionals. Also, these professionals fix what has already been broken most of the time.

Is there a better way of overcoming these problems without using the HIPPO (Highest Paid Persons’ Opinion) or highly paid consultants? Yes there is. Companies are now purchasing “expensive” off shelf software to give them real-time updates on revenue collections. These go for as much as US$30,000 (ab0ut Ugx. 150m) minus maintenance, and training. This cost is augmented by scalability and can surpass the 200m mark overtime. Installing software worth thousands of dollars to unearth employee theft of less than US$5,000 monthly would only be effective in the long run.

Good news for companies, there is a tool at your fingertips that can assist you in uncovering these worrying statistics. It can go beyond tracing employee theft to even more complex problems like optimising resource utilisation and warehouse/branch distribution for maximising turnover.

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool and with the right skills, you can do things that even the most experienced consultants cannot do in the shortest time possible. Empower your teams with advanced Microsoft Excel Training that will give them the skills to solve complex staff scheduling and location optimisations problems. They will also acquire the skills to prevent bottlenecks even before they happen by studying hidden patterns the application will unearth.

We are tired of seeing your business lagging behind. Sign up for the #BeyondExcel Productivity Package and leverage from the power of data analytics to save your branch from shutting down due to unnecessary costs and misuse of cash.


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