7 Tools of an Effective Board Member

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A candid and clear primer on what makes an effective Board Member. This book is a must read for both seasoned and new board members interested in leaving a mark on the boards they serve.

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  • Learn the five traits of an exceptional Board Member
  • Know the 10 tell-tale signs of bad governance to avoid
  • Uncover the secrets to understanding context so that you may add value on the boards you server. Know the 20 documents to ask for from the executive
    Know your limits as a board member
  • Know the top five tools successful boards use to provide effective oversight and going concern
  • Read practical case studies about boardroom politics and how to avoid drowning in it.
  • Grab free templates and resources to transform they way you run board affairs. Ideal for Board Chairs, Secretaries and CEOs..

The book has been written by Mustapha Bernabas Mugisa, who has been involved in corporate governance since 2003, when he started working as Internal Auditor in Nile Bank (eventually taken over by Barclays Bank, now Absa Bank).

Mustapha currently sits on Five Boards including Uganda Red Cross Society and conducts about 30 board trainings and inductions in different African countries every year.
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