The Ugandan economy is supported by SMEs contributing about 90% of the private sector production. SMEs are the prime source of new jobs and play a crucial role in income generation especially for the poor.

Despite the effort made by the government of Uganda to support the growth of SMEs by creating enabling environment through appropriate legal and regulatory procedures, and in spite the fact that the Government has recently made micro-credit accessible to SMEs, success in this sector is still unconvincing. One of the major areas of concern is poor management of business finances.And because of this, most Entrepreneurs have failed to sustain and expand their businesses. Cases of cash flow crunches, wasting money, double payments, and missing out on new opportunities to expand are common indicators poor management of finances. For the success of any SME, effective and efficient management of business finances is paramount.

Unlock Your Potential  (UYP) is a practical training programme for owners and managers of small and medium enterprises who want to sustain their businesses, increase sales and reduce costs by acquiring the knowledge and skills in managing their business finances. It addresses the core question of how to improve the performance of your business through proper management of business finances.

The UYP programme is offered in ten core Modules:-

  1. Record keeping
  2. Costing and pricing
  3. Budgeting, performance review and reporting
  4. Management of working capital
  5. Cash flow management
  6. Strategy and execution
  7. Using IT to grow your business
  8. Leadership and team work management
  9. Taxation and tax planning
  10. Sales and marketing

The UYP training uses an active, problem-centered learning approach through, for example, short cases and graphic illustrations

Target Participants

Owners and managers of small and medium enterprises.

Timelines, Venue and Fees.

The programme trainings are conducted for 2 days every last week of the month at a fee: 300,ooo from 8am – 12pm at the offices of Summit Consulting Limited located at Ntinda Complex Building, Block B, 4thFloor, opposite St. Luke Church.