We help clients improve their physical security to prevent and or stop the business risk of theft and personal injury.

“When MTN Uganda needed training in physical security assessment, they chose, Summit Consulting Ltd. Summit Consulting also provided training in personal security training and investigations report writing”

We offer the following:

1.PAST Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment
Is your physical security setup adequate? Has it been penetrated by an independent expert? Undertake a physical security test to evaluate your security alertness.
Want experts to assess your physical security? Contact us here Or do it yourself using the physical security self-assessment form.

2.Physical Security Training
Do you have staff who works late at night? Do they have the minimum basics they need to remain safe during their night errands? Do they know defensive driving and self-defense? Our physical security training helps staff remain alert and gain skills to contain tough situations while alone or on long distances. This is a critical training for your staff who travel a lot and or work at night shifts. It is one of the highly rated training by security guards.

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3.Theft investigations training
Theft is not fraud. Theft occurs due to failures in physical security controls. How often do you evaluate your physical security controls?

We provide your security team with training in conducting effective physical security breaches investigations. Learn how to response to a crime scene, and investigate effectively any kind of office break-ins and thefts of physical assets. Leave no stone unturned.

Even more, most investigators lose good cases due to poor report writing skills.

You will learn effective report writing skills for theft investigations. To apply, click here 

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