The measure of a great strategy is in the ease in its implementation. Is your strategy execution clear or it is like a research paper?

We meet company executives with a document called “strategic plan.” But when you ask: what is your strategy in your strategic plan? the answer is always not easy. Developing a document and calling it a “strategic plan” is one thing. Having clear choices that are aligned to stakeholder interests, culture and organizational structure is a different thing altogether.

Whether you need to review your current strategy, or formulate a new one, you are in the right place. Our strategy formulation and execution support services is based on:

a) The Five must answer questions for a winning strategy, based on playing to win, blue ocean strategy, and balanced score card insights.

 You will get a one-page strategy that guides your daily actions to grow your business.

• What is your winning aspiration?
• Where will you play?
• How will you win?
• What capabilities do you need?
• And what management systems do you need?

The fact is: to win, you must choose what your business will do, and what it won’t. Where to compete, and where not. And how to compete. You will have clear strategy to guide you and NOT a research paper kind of document that you even won’t follow.

b) Aligning the strategy, to structure and to the balanced score card for effective execution and performance measurement. You will learn how to create clear objectives, activities, KPIs, and responsibilities clearly linked to your strategy and strategic areas of focus. As a CEO, this makes your leadership role easier as your team can easily be held accountable.

c) The Board and top management’s role in effective strategy formulation & execution will be clearly explained and discussed

d) Align your structure and team effort to execute your strategy. The measure of any great strategy is in the ease of implementation. You will learn why many strategies fail.

Why you need it?

Get a strategy &execution support and take your organization to the next level. The Board is responsible for strategy i.e. going concern (growth) and oversight (risk management). To grow, organizations need a clear strategy that is easy to implement.

As the MD/ED/CEO you’re responsible for effective strategy execution. That is what this toolkit is about.Do you need a clear strategy that is easy to execute? That is what we are experts in:

• Editable tools and templates to guide you step-by-step in developing a clear strategy
• Make clear strategic choices, evaluate them and chose where to play
• Identify 4-5 key strategic areas of focus, the capabilities you need and management system to excel
• Link your strategic choices to the balanced score card result areas
• Like your BSC KRAs to your structure and strategy action plan
• Develop clear financial forecasts and understand your business better
• Step by step clear consultative process for strategy ownership

Our experts also help in strategy facilitation and training.