Use data driven methods for your loan management

Most companies borrow funds on intuition and find themselves failing to pay the loan. They continue to battle with completing their loan payments without borrowing on borrowed funds. This means, companies now days get a loan to pay for another loan, which is not sustainable in this business environment.

But it all comes down to one thing, decision makers using intuition rather than data driven decision making. There is less preparation for a loan as most decisions are panicked into.

Maybe a loan is too good to be true. Even with the lowest interest rate on the market, a loan has the potential to shut down your firm if not managed proficiently.

This is why enterprises have hired expensive consultants and financial advisors to help them make decisions on going forward with loan decisions. This has most of the times succeeded although a huge chunk of those borrowed funds has been used to finance these avenues.

Aren’t you tired of borrowing say Ugx. 500million and a massive 20% goes to the financial advisor or consultant. How can a company overcome the mushrooming challenge that has left many investments undergoing financial shortfalls?

The solution is not far from reach. Microsoft Excel has the right tools to help you plan, identify, calculate and track the risks and opportunities in your loan portfolios. The only thing missing in your organisation is the skills gap, which does not take much from your pocket like the regular financial advisor.

Our #BeyondExcel Productivity Package has tailored customised training packages that will expose your staff to the numerous ways an organisation can track and manage its loan portfolio. Your team will b#beyondEXCELe equipped with skills in loan amortization and tracking, loan analytics and decision-making, and other financial techniques you can use to protect your company from the risks a loan exposes to it.

Not all loans are bad. It’s the managers that might be the problem. Address these issues before they affect your company. Sign your team up for #beyondEXCEL Productivity Package.

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