What exactly is an IT Assessment? 

An IT Assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of your IT environment and technology systems. An effective IT assessment, like the one provided by Summit Consulting Ltd, will result in a written evaluation and recommendation. IT assessments help organizations like yours, no matter how large or small, get a better return on your IT investment, and, helps keep you winning with IT now and in the future.

We have developed our comprehensive, no-nonsense Information Technology Assessment (ITA) that helps map your current network and database security architecture to give you a score on a scale of 1 to 10. We conduct a thorough, in-depth review of your critical technology areas from A to Z, evaluate them against leading practices, and provide you the client, with a road map to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage.

Knowing Your cyber security score Helps You Invest More Wisely

#summitSECURITY review ICT assessments employ a unique scoring system called the #summitSECURITY network, db and governance health index, an easy to understand metric that measures each critical ICT function. The index makes it simple to identify your ICT strengths and weaknesses, so you can invest more wisely. Our ICT assessments analyzes an expansive range of ICT functional areas, including:

What are the benefits of a winning IT assessment?

An IT Assessment from Summit Consulting Ltd will help you re-define your business objectives and main focuses. Our IT Assessments will also help you align your IT initiatives with your strategic business plan. In your IT Assessment, we will help you address the following business challenges:

  1. Rapid growth and expansion; as you are able to align your corporate strategy to your ICT strategy and budgets
  2. Regulation and compliance requirements – meet all regulatory requirements easily. We help conduct agreed upon procedures as set by the regulators for your ICT compliance
  3. Changes in the competitive landscape. Align your business technology investment to be responsive to market developments
  4. Cost-reduction. Save money by investing in relevant technologies within local context.

These common business challenges, along with many other common business challenges, such as new business processes and changes in management often drive the need for your business to conduct an IT Assessment. At Summit Consulting Ltd you can rely on us to leverage the appropriate technology to help you improve your business and continue to win with IT.

“Summit Consulting Ltd talked me through reconfiguring the new firewall and left me a clear detailed instruction on Notepad on how to change default settings, blacklist IP addresses and whitelist allowed ones. You guys rock!”

IT Manager, top finance bank

How Do You Know If Your Organization’s IT is Performing Well?

Often times, IT professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes become focused on daily business activities and fail to fully understand what it happening with an organization’s IT. However, an IT assessment can help your organization move IT from being reactive to proactive and turn IT into a competitive advantage rather than a detriment. At Summit Consulting Ltd, we are positioned to navigate through the IT Assessment process and help you understand what you can do to improve your company’s IT performance and maintain that winning edge among your competitors. To learn more about our IT Assessments, please fill out our contact us form, or call us 256 414 231136.

Moving to the Cloud services and Need an Assessment of the cost benefit?

If you are in the process of moving all or part of your IT assets to the cloud, we can help. With our Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA), we perform a thorough evaluation of your IT environment, including all applications, security and compliance requirements, disaster recovery and business continuity, and much more. This helps you save money and time that would otherwise




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